Pageant Coaching

Personal Introduction Packages – You’re amazing, talented, and ambitious – how in the world do you fit all your achievements into a 20-30 second introduction?! That’s where I’m here to help. I’ve had great success in writing personal introductions for pageant contestants, with 90% of my clients placing in the top 10 or higher.
The Princess Package: Custom personal introduction tailored to your pageant system and all about you! The intro with be timed perfectly to fit within your organization’s guidelines.
The Queen PackageCustom personal introduction as in the Princess Package, and a personalized video with tips on style, inflection, tone, and delivery.

Skype Coaching – I am available over Skype or Google Hangouts to work with you on any aspect of your pageant preparation. Topics include:
  • Walks
  • Posing
  • Personal introductions
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Talent consultation
  • Hair and makeup
  • Any questions you may have!
Intensive interview coaching: In addition to a Skype coaching session dedicated to interview prep, I will give you exclusive access to my database of over 200 pageant interview questions tailored to your pageant system.

Personalized Videos – If Skype coaching might not fit in your busy schedule, I offer personalized videos on specific areas of concern. That way, you can watch and re-watch at your leisure.

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